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Young Guns Beer Festival

This Halloween, we will be celebrating four local, upstart breweries. Each is unique, but all share a kindred spirit of innovation, adventure and fierce independence. We kinda like that at The Urchin. In fact, it’s these guys who inspired us to start our own brewery this year, downstairs at the pub. It's called Larrikin, which is Australian for maverick, free thinking, good-natured street urchin, larkin’ around. We think there’s a little bit of Larrikin in all our Young Gun guest brewers, which is why we love’em.

Brewers joining us will be..

After a couple of years dabbling on a homebrew kit, Andy and Andy finally took a leap of faith and set up a micro-brewery deep within the Pelham Arms. 2 years later, and they’ve gone all in, launching into a bigger space, but retaining their commitment to experimentation and adventure. It’s reflected in their beers and the results are rather awesome. Abyss is all about facing your fears, being bold and tasting freedom: a liquid epiphany, if you will.

Four years ago, Jordan also started brewing at home in Hove. Pushing the envelope of no-rules brewing, producing a stream of acclaimed experimental, fusion beers, UnBarred quickly spread its wings and flew the nest to a bigger home. Jordan’s willingness to blend different flavours and styles mirrors his natural gift for mixing with the wider brewing community, contributing to a string of pioneering collaborations. We're pumped that he's joining us!

Not content to just bring a modern interpretation to some traditional brewing styles, Hand are re-interpreting a whole brewery! Two years ago Hand Brew Co took on the unique tower brewery at the Hand in Hand Pub in Kemp Town, spread over four floors. Originally built in 1989, it’s quite simply the most visionary and audacious brewery set-up we know. Now, works are in hand to take this Brighton institution to a whole new level. Jack, Jen, Clark.. we salute you.

Having started out just three years ago, the meteoric rise of Cloak & Dagger is mighty impressive. Tucker, Dave and Leigh have caught the attention of the industry with some outstanding beers, and a distinct, creative style. Just this month they've released a collaboration with probably the biggest of craft brewing rebels, BrewDog. Can't wait to taste it!

The Young Guns Beer Festival will run from 31st October to 4th November featuring on rotation, a line-up of fresh beers from each of the guest brewers. Expect some seasonal flavours, including a couple of brand new brews from our own Larrikin. In the lead up to the festival, all five breweries got together to create an ambitious, one-off collaboration recipe. If it works, you can expect to see it on tap around mid-late November.

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