Larrikin - Flying by the Seat v2 - 5.8% (440ml)

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This beer was made in the spirit of hope over expectation.

If, like us, you’ve spent most of the last year making plans on Monday, ripping them up on Tuesday and drinking beer on Wednesday, you may recognise the feeling. We’ve given up trying to make sense of the World and planning. Instead, this beer was designed in the time honoured tradition of seeing what’s in the back of the larder and throwing it in the pot.

On this occasion, you’ve got Pilsner and Maris Otter grains with a pinch of honey malt. All the big C hops: Citra, Cascade, Chinook and Comet for fruity citrus vibes and a touch of woody pine - a nod to the West Coast classics. The result is a clear, clean IPA. Surprisingly light and easy drinking for a 5.8%er.

Not every leap of faith ends well, but this time, we were pleasantly surprised. Hope you like it too 🍻

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