Before establishing The Urchin, Nick worked for Little Creatures Brewery in Australia and Austen worked in Belgium, pouring some of the best, original craft beers.


When The Urchin started in 2015, we maintained well over 100 bottles from all over the World. A year later, when the pub became fully independent, we began brewing our own beer.



After a couple of years playing on a homebrew kit, Nick's beer started to taste pretty good. So in August 2018 we installed a little brewery downstairs at The Urchin.


We called it Larrikin, which is an Australian name for a cheeky kid or street urchin, larkin’ around. Since then we’ve grown a little bit each year but we remain very small, producing just enough to maintain 4-5 taps in the pub and a bit more to put into cans.


The great thing about producing at this level is that our beer is always super fresh. We generally package on a Wednesday morning and start delivering in the afternoon, which means you can have beer in your glass that started the day in the fermenter. It also means that we can experiment with new beers every week.

Hope you enjoy!

You can find Larrikin online here:





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